Webinar Series on System1, Unlocking Profitable Growth

Watch the recordings for all 5 webinars on each chapter - avabilable on demand!  

Join two of the authors of our new book, System1: Unlocking Profitable Growth, for this webinar series as they discuss how designing for System 1 thinking unlocks growth across multiple marketing disciplines: decision-making, innovation, advertising, brand-building and shopper marketing. 

Human beings make decisions in two ways. One is slow, deliberate and calculating. The other is fast, instinctive and emotional. And the fast one is in the driving seat. Psychologists call it System 1.

In each 20 minute webinar, presented by two of the authors, Tom Ewing and Orlando Wood, we discuss the key ideas raised by each chapter. Be sure to read along as you watch each webinar - all 5 chapters are available now

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Chapter 1: Decision-Making

What to expect in the webinar:

  1. Learn the foundations for the rest of the book.
  2. Discuss the features of System 1 thinking.
  3. Discover why System 1 is so important for marketing.

Watch Decision-Making

Chapter 1 Decision Making




Chapter 2: Fluent Innovation

What to expect from the webinar:

  1. Learn how to make great ideas more fluent - easy to recognise and understand.
  2. Discuss successful fluent innovations like the Bialetti Moka Express.
  3. Review mistakes by failed fluent innovations like the Sinclair C5.

Watch Fluent Innovation

Chapter 2 Fluent Innovation




Chapter 3: Advertising

What to expect from the webinar:

  1. Master the 3 Strategic Lessons of Emotional Advertising.
  2. Learn how emotional stories drive real growth from case studies like Le Trèfle and John Lewis.
  3. Discover Fluent Devices: the 'secret sauce' of long-term advertising success (and how marketers lost the recipe!). 
  4. Discuss the IPA's (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) latest findings on effective advertising. 

Watch Advertising

Chapter 3 Advertising




Chapter 4: Brand Building

What to expect from this webinar:

  1. Discover Fame, Feeling & Fluency - three mental shortcuts that underpin brand choices.
  2. Distinctive brand assets like the Bass red triangle and Coke Red - how to get them, how to use them.
  3. See how the 3Fs work via case studies of Santander... and Donald Trump.

Watch Brand Building

Chapter 4 Brand Building




Chapter 5: Shopper Marketing

What to expect from this webinar:

  1. Using Virtual Reality to test Shopper Marketing: our experiments with Hershey's
  2. Why moving power, not stopping power, is they key to purchase success.
  3. Discover the importance of Feeling & Fluency in the power of packaging.

Watch Shopper Marketing

Chapter 5 Shopper Marketing